Hotel Transylvania


Happy Monday Postcardians!

We all know Monday's can be a drag.. Literally... Fear not! Postcard on the Run is here to cheer you up and  make your day a lot happier!  Free Postcards anyone!? As you all know or hopefully do, Selena Gomez is coming out with a new movie called Hotel Transylvania! We have partnered up with Sony to help promote her new movie out September 28th! Courtesy of Sony Pictures and Hotel Transylvania please use promo code: HOTELT to send FREE POSTSCARDS! Who doesn't love that!? 

If you don't have our app yet... Shame! Jk- but seriously you should. :) Just click on these links below to go and download Postcard on the Run and start Hotel T-ing it up! :) Have a great day, and enjoy the cool Hotel Transylvanian inspired Postcards! 

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- Team Postcard on the Run!