Like many of you, we were all waiting as if we were outside the gates of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory for  the news of what Apple was planning to introduce today. The  new iPhone 4S with all of its new iOS upgrades and added features was significant while their announcement of CARDS was for us here at POTR…momentous. It is a huge validation for developers in the photo app space to continue to push forward in launching tools that make the photo taking and sharing experience more personal and memorable.


Bridging the digital and physical worlds is a unique and special endeavor. When we first started out on Postcard on the Run, we looked at JPEG's and PDF's as our enemy. These pixel pirates took pride in removing the emotion and feeling from the images that we snap, since they would be frozen in time in your computer. It's not their fault though. SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter made sharing photos sooooo easy to do – and for most of us, the idea of printing a few pix is mind numbing. Do I send it somewhere? Do I have enough ink in the printer? Do I have the right sized paper? Or…maybe I'll just do it later. Later, usually means never. And that's the point. We wanted to create an easy to use product that tapped into that problem. 


We are human beings (at least most of us), which means by nature, we enjoy physical interactions. We are story tellers. Postcard on the Run is the modern day cave painting, only this cave man can put that image in front of anyone who has a physical mailing address. 


We don't leave home without out keys, wallet and our smart phones (iphone/andoid). Knowing that, we set out to create an easy to use technology that would allow people to create physical keepsakes in the moment and deliver them to the people that are most important to them. We have just begun and see Apple's recent move as validation of what we set out to do. We love it.




PS – The photo attached was from a user in South Africa. It's just cool!