Add a little video to that Postcard - it's FREE


Ok...we're happy to announce our newest feature, video postcards! This GREAT new feature update allows you (yeah, you) to add a short video clip to the postcards you send out. We'll do our best to walk you through the simple steps to add a video below but it's all pretty simple and the app will guide you through the process. Now your postcard recipients will have the opportunity to see the moments that led up to that special postcard. Oh yeah, did we mention it's free? OK, here we go! 

How do you do it?

After you're done creating and paying for your postcard, you'll see our new  "add a video confirmation" screen. When you get here, you can either record a new video or use one from your library on your iPhone. If by chance you don't want to do it right away, that's ok...the Postcard on the Run app will send you a few reminders. You'll have up to 48 hours from when you created the postcard to add a video to it. 


Pictures look great, but videos add pizazz...Edit the video a bit.

The application allows you to edit your video length, keeping it under 30 seconds - Short and Sweet! Once you save and upload, the video will be embedded into the actual postcard being sent out in the mail! You'll notice a QR code and a Short URL that appears in the middle of the postcard now. From there, your recipient can watch your video by scanning the QR code or going to the short form URL printed on your postcard. Additionally, you'll recieve an email from us with an opportunity to "SPOIL THE SURPRISE" which will give you an option to view and share the video clip online. 


How do I know if videos are attached? Can I go back to the app to add a video?

Absolutely! The app has a new little botton on the top right of the home screen. You can access past project here and confirm videos were added to those postcards. Look for the big "VIDEO UPLOADED" stamp that tells you if you've uploaded a video to your postcard.






The Finished Postcard Project - Looks Good, Sounds Good and Smells Good!

The Postcard that arrives in the mail will look like this below. Not too shabby, right? Try it today - it's free!


Happy Holidays and Happy Postcarding! Email us with any questions or comments. It's currently available on iOS only today. Look for updates from us soon though! We love hearing feedback. goes to our team.